If reading the word “quarantine” in the title made you cringe a little: we are with you.
This pandemic has changed all of our lives before we could even comprehend what was happening. It has forced us to find (and keep on finding) different ways to establish new routines and adapt to a “new normal” every day.

As for couples, be it long-term or newly dating, the change of dynamic happened really fast. But some actually found ways to get closer, stronger and deepen their bond during these trying times. Believe it or not, this chaos made a fair share of lovers want to take it one step further.
This pandemic panned out to be a life changing experience, giving people confirmation that their partner is indeed the right person to weather storms with. So why wait?
It isn’t rare to hear that more and more people are announcing their engagements while the lockdown still persists, reminding us that love does conquer all!
So, if you believe you’re in this position, then this article will give you tips, tricks and some great ideas to consider for an unforgettable quarantine engagement.
We get that some concepts might be off the table due to restrictions, but don’t be disheartened! Your options are not as limited as you may think. In fact, the context tends to push our creativity even further, making romance during a global emergency being within reach.

Analyse your local area

Now, when we say analyse your local area, we mean that you need to look at the places around you with a fresh set of eyes! Doing so will help you find those hidden gems close to your home. You never know what you may come across that you have missed before! Perhaps you’ll find a nice cozy cafe that would make special arrangements or a small park that would offer you the privacy you may need for your proposal. Local shops such as florists, bakeries and breweries will suddenly have a second life if you see them as a trusted sidekick for providing you the freshest food & drinks for your big proposal!

Analyse your own home

If you’ve stayed at your current home for some time, you’re probably going to ignore certain parts of it that have the potential to be great spots for proposing to your partner. If you have some nooks around your house that are memorable for the both of you or that marked a certain point in your relationship, they’ll make for some incredible places to propose to your partner.
Try looking at your home with a different perspective. Find what brings happy memories, is it the fireplace, your very own intimate bedroom, the nursery, the balcony or your own backyard? Your house is filled with unique stories, making a perfect backdrop to your grand gesture.

Quarantine friendly activities

Now that you’ve analyzed both your local area as well as your own home, you could determine which is going to be more suitable for you.
If you picked the outdoors, perhaps organizing an outdoor picnic or an amazing hike for the both of you could do the trick. Or what about a chalet weekend getaway or a local scavenger hunt?
To ensure success, try to plan these activities ahead of time, secretly juggling food, drinks, decor or games can be tricky, especially that chances are, you and your partner spend almost all of your time together now!

If you’ve decided on indoors, you could have a fun artsy activity planned or you could cook your partner’s favourite dish for a romantic dinner. A special movie night where the movie is about you two could also bring a unique twist to your night! Remember, creativity has no limits when it comes to popping the question.

While organizing your perfect plans, be careful your partner does not figure it out before it actually happens. We understand that planning a weekend getaway, a scavenger hunt or even arranging for all your dinner or movie night supplies might be difficult considering the quarantine and the restrictions, but you don’t have to worry about that when you’ve got us! Professional planners and agencies like The I Do Club can help you come up with the perfect distraction plan so that your partner doesn’t suspect a thing. Bonus: you will get the extra help to make all the arrangements as well, no matter how grand your idea for the proposal may be.

Find the engagement ring online

COVID-19 keeps store owners on their toes, but one way to go about purchasing the perfect ring is booking a private appointment with your local jewelry store.

Another way would be to find the ring online. For example, Ecksand offers sustainable diamonds and better traceability (with an added bonus of being from Montreal, Canada!). All you have to do is open your browser and start searching. Hopefully, by the time you’re doing this, you already know the kind of engagement ring your partner likes and dislikes in terms of their style, finish, stone, etc. and if you’re lucky, you may even find some of your partner’s “favourites” saved on their Instagram or Pinterest board! You can use that information to narrow down your options and make your pick.

Finally, when the ring is delivered to you, make sure to be there when the doorbell rings, or deliver it to another trusted address for extra reassurance.
How exciting!

Support your local vendors!

There is no doubt that the pandemic has brought uncertainty in our lives, and some of the most impacted are our local vendors. Showing support by involving people from your own community is one way of staying united. A few things you could do:

  • Making floral arrangements with the help of your local florist;
  • Finding a local artist or or musician to write you a melody, record a song or have their music be the soundtrack to your proposal (and tagging them if sharing your special moment on social media);
  • Getting your partner’s favorite food from all your local gourmet spots;
  • Getting the perfect engagement pictures, from a reliable photographer who can pass by during or after the engagement to take a few memorable snapshots;
  • Having your decor & accessories made or put together by local artisans and decor specialists. Many people from the event industry and designers carry affordable items for rent. On top of elevating the mood, this option is sustainable and allows you to not spend a ton while adding a professional touch to your set up!

Finish the night with a virtual engagement party

We’re sure you’d love to spread the news to friends & family and the quarantine shouldn’t stop you from sharing this amazing moment with your loved ones! You can gather your friends and family over a virtual call and celebrate your engagement. You can even arrange for a call to happen during your proposal if you want to involve your group at the core. For example, if you want to surprise everyone, you can organise a fun game night and when the moment feels right, get down on one knee to pop the question.
Extra pro tip: have it recorded for future memories!

For long distance relationships

For those of you who are stuck in quarantine far away from each other, there is always a way to be creative and romantic, even from miles away! You could send your partner a personalized care package or organize a quest in their respective city with the help of your friends and family. Not sure how to manage this from a distance while keeping it a surprise? Proposal planners like the ones at The I Do Club can help in setting it all up, even overseas.
Another idea would be to send your partner handwritten letters over a period of time that, combined, form a written proposal.
Remember that nothing can prevent a great proposal from happening, neither distance nor the pandemic!

To conclude,

To everyone considering proposing during the pandemic, this one’s for you! You can go big if you want to and have a grand engagement in your own home or right outside of it. You can also lean on the simple and minimalistic side of things by organizing a cozy engagement in a secluded area or in a place that’s memorable for the both of you. Your dream proposal can totally happen, with some proper planning and maybe a little help. 😉

Remember, love always wins!


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