There are perhaps a million things you undoubtedly think about when your significant other gets down on one knee for the Big Proposal! Maybe because you’ve been waiting for this very moment since you realised that they were “the one” for you. You might even have had a chat with your partner that made you feel like this day was near, but now that it’s real and right in front of your eyes, you’re left stunned.

A lot of people, when they look back at their marriage proposals and the way they reacted, wish that they had better tools to pay closer attention to what their partner was saying.

So today, we at The I Do Club have a few tips for you on how to react to a marriage proposal.

Plan ahead

The same way the person proposing might be planning their speech (tips on speech writing right here in case you need that too!) you can also think about what you’d like to answer back.

Put your emotions and thoughts on a piece of paper beforehand so that you’re not left speechless after your partner pops the big question. This way, you’ll already have something prepared to say when the big moment comes.

It may seem ridiculous to plan ahead, but it’s an excellent way to express yourself when the time comes. You could be too startled and emotional to say all that’s on your mind during the proposal and this kind of preparation just ensures that your partner also gets to hear the big lines on how much they mean to you and make the proposal just as special for them as it is for you.

Just go with it

If you already have an idea that a proposal is right around the corner and let’s say your partner is taking you out, try not to bombard them with questions about where you’re headed.

Most likely, your significant other has given some thought and consideration to where and when the proposal will take place. Rather than requesting an explanation, go with the flow and see where your spouse leads you.
For example, instead of going to the coffee shop around the corner, your partner might take you to the one where you first met even if it means commuting longer to get your cappuccino – and ideally, you’ll have to let that happen without too many interruptions or resistance.

Your partner’s proposal ideas are likely to be detailed and well-intentioned. Instead of asking a lot of questions, just follow their lead if they want to take you somewhere!

Pro tip: even if this doesn’t lead to a proposal that exact day, it is always kind to hear your partner’s ideas and let them lead from time to time 😉

Stay in the moment

This one can be tough for some of us: practice mindfulness. Allow yourself to concentrate on the present moment. Proposals are once-in-a-lifetime events for most people.
To help you centre yourself, take a deep breath, slow down and listen attentively to what your partner is saying.

Wait for them to finish

If possible, give your response only after they’re done saying what they have to. Proposals are always a two-way street.
It’s wonderful that you want to communicate your thoughts and feelings with your partner, but offer them the opportunity to do so as well.

You might want to wait until your partner asks, “Will you marry me?” before saying “yes,” depending on how they propose.


Make sure you don’t leave your partner hanging!
Let them know you want to marry them if that’s how you feel. You can also use tone and body language to ensure that they know you’re on board when saying yes.
If your partner is nervous, for example, you may just answer, “Yes!” or “Of course, I’ll marry you!”
Before you say “yes,” you can say something like “I can’t believe this is happening” or “I’m so happy.”
“Absolutely, without a doubt!” You may also say things like, “Nothing would make me happier!” or “It would be my honour!”

Do not be shy to show raw emotions and let the magic of the moment take over.

Savour the moment

Quite possibly, you’d be glad to take a few moments together and savour the moment before you share the news with your family and friends or throw an engagement party!
So, take your time to indulge and appreciate each other’s presence. You’ll have plenty of time to rejoice with your loved ones afterwards.
For example, you might wait a day or two before telling your friends and family about your engagement, as long as you both respect your space and pace, all should be good.

Remember: everyone has a distinct reaction to a proposal. You could be extremely emotional, or simply joyful and relieved. After all, there is no right or wrong way to feel or act!

Don’t worry about the small stuff

When we say “small stuff”, we mean things like the weather outside, how you look at that very moment, the logistics of your day and even the size or fit of your ring. Always remember that the ring, ultimately, is symbolic of something far greater.
When it comes down to it, you can always replace, resize or upgrade the ring eventually. What counts most is the person who gave you the ring in the first place.

To conclude,

The most important part about a marriage proposal is (as it always is) the love between you two. You’re most likely going to cherish and look back at this moment for the rest of your life so try to block out all other distractions around you… and trust us when we say: it goes by in a flash! Slowing down time by practising mindfulness, looking at your partner, focusing on their words and taking all the time you need to express yours as well will help you capture the moment.

With that said and done, enjoy and savour every second of your marriage proposal no matter what your initial reaction will be!


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