Proposing to your partner is one of the most intimidating yet exciting things you could ever do in life. Now, a proposal has various aspects to it, but as long as we’re here, you don’t need to worry about any of them!
Today, we’re going to talk about how to create the perfect proposal speech and what to keep in mind to make sure that everything goes smoothly and as planned.

The essence of a proposal speech is more than just the famous four words. It’s a chance for you to express your true feelings in their purest form, it’s about telling your partner what you love about them and why you wish to spend the rest of your life with them. This is a milestone you will both be remembering, reminiscing and retelling quite often!

So, let’s look at a few golden tips on how to prepare and deliver the most dreamy proposal speech.

Decide on the location

The location is as important of an aspect as the ring itself! It greatly influences your proposal speech, for example, if the location chosen is the place where you both had your first kiss, this could definitely play on some elements of your proposal speech. Other factors like the timing of the speech and the level of privacy you get also depend on the location you choose. If you aren’t sure of the location, you can still start preparing your speech and see where to go from there.

What’s your type?

Your proposal speech could take on various tones in order for you to properly express the journey that you two have had as a couple. You could have the “How I knew?” kind of speech where you tell your partner about the moment/time you knew you wished to spend every day of your life with them. Alternatively, you could have a proposal speech where you talk about what you love most about them, like some of their peculiar habits or the way they talk about things they love most, etc. Again, based on the chosen location, you could have an experience based speech as well. For example, if you take your partner on a trip or a hike, while proposing you could reference “sharing the best moments of your life” or “creating memories through adventures like this one” and more!

Get creative!

You could also base your proposal speech on different things, memories or experiences. Let’s say your partner really loves the proposal scene from a specific show or movie (or any striking romantic moment). You could try to recreate that scene in a similar setting around you and if you want, you could also get inspired by the one-screen proposal speech.
Sounds like a lot of work? Don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for! We’ll help you put the whole thing together so that you and your partner can have the time of your life during the proposal and not worry about anything else.

Give it a structure

When it comes to proposal speeches, it’s always better to keep them on the shorter side. On the day of the proposal, your nerves can definitely fog your brain and you may not remember your entire speech word to word. So, it’s just easier to have something short and simple, yet heartfelt. Moreover, your partner is likely going to be surprised by your proposal and will probably be having a short attention span. So, all in all, it’s best for the both of you if you have a simple and structured proposal speech.
Pro tip: treat it like you would writing a short story, as it is all about the storytelling! Introduction, rising action, climax (question popped!) and resolution (your partner’s sweet answer) – you got this ;)!

On the day of

Finally, when it comes to the big day, know that it is completely normal to feel nervous and even overwhelmed. But, having your speech planned and with a little bit of solo practice, you should be good to go! All you have to do is remember the flow of your speech… and if you forget, it’s not the end of the world! As long as you manage to put the words “will you marry me” one after the other it should bring you to the right place 😉

Take pauses & speak slowly

When it comes to your proposal speech, aim to take it easy. Try to control the nerves and the jitters in order to own your moment. Talk slow and give sufficient pauses to let your partner and yourself really process what’s happening and get into it.
Like any other life’s magical moments, it’s over in a flash!

To conclude,

Preparing the proposal speech is a very crucial part of the entire proposal and so it naturally becomes important to give some thought to what you wish to say to your partner and how.
Right from the location and setting to the words and tone, there’s quite a few elements to figure out. If you need help with the speech remember that at The I Do Club, we offer speech revision and speech coaching services and would be glad to help you out in giving the best proposal speech ever!
Remember to stay true to you and to your couple during this process. Embrace the emotional journey, welcome the tears, be one with the shaky hands and enjoy this life changing moment!


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